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Meet Celyn Jones: The almond and the seahorse

The almond and the seahorse, screened at the Dinard British Film Festival, tackles a difficult subject, the effects of head trauma, both on the victims and especially on those around them, by adapting the eponymous play by Kaite O Reilly. A rather trendy subject, since Roschdy Zem‘s latest film, Les miens, which deals (among other things) with an equivalent subject, will soon be released in theaters.

Director Celyn Jones has chosen to surround himself with an attractive international cast, very female, to tell us his choral story. He begins by blurring the lines, in an opening that does not yet precisely announce his themes, in a rather clever and interesting way. The director, an actor on the screen who already played the same role in the play, was keen to change a few elements of the latter to make it more acceptable to a wider audience.

Celyn Jones comes back with us on his experience as a filmmaker with a good humor that characterizes him, and reveals some secrets.

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