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Silver Haze by Sacha Polak

A film by Sacha Polak

With: Vicky Knight, Esme Creed-Miles, Charlotte Knight, Archie Brigden, Angela Bruce, Brandon Bendell, Alfie Deegan, TerriAnn Cousins, Jeanette Maskell, Daniel Phelan

23-year-old Franky is a nurse who lives with her large family in an East London borough. Obsessed with a thirst for revenge and a need to assign guilt for a traumatic event that happened 15 years before, she is unable to build any meaningful relationship until she falls in love with one of her patients – Florence. They escape to the coast where Florence lives with her more open-minded patchwork family. There, Franky finds the emotional shelter to deal with the grudges of the past.

Our rate: **

A film that navigates between wounded characters and seeks, despite everything, to deliver a glimmer of hope. These few luminous moments, served up drop by drop in contrast to the drama playing out in the foreground, the music played by one of the two lead actresses, the relative fluidity of the narrative, which allows itself a few off-track moments – but which uses and abuses relative clichés, and sometimes strange shortcuts, give this English-style social film, in which the women take the place of the traditional wounded and hardened boys whose fine portraits British cinema has repeatedly been able to paint for us, a rhythm that’s easy to appreciate.

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