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Online Cinema master classes

La Femis opens its video heritage and provides videos of cinema events quite exceptional. For over thirty years, La Fémis has been a meeting place for artists and students.
La Fémis has decided to highlight in its archives a first selection of round tables, master classes, conferences and debates held at La Fémis or in other places - such as the Cannes Film Festival - which illustrate the words of the filmmakers, pictures filmed by the students themselves since 1986. Thanks to the support of Université Paris Sciences et Lettres, to which La Fémis is associated, and thanks to the work of image and sound editors, the interventions chosen by many filmmakers will now be accessible on two platforms, that of the school and that of the "PSL Explore" digital library for cultural, scientific and educational purposes. Such an undertaking enables La Fémis to reaffirm its missions, which consist not only of providing training in the film and audiovisual professions, but also of contributing to the constitution of heritage knowledge about the cinema and finally contributing to the theoretical, artistic and technical research in the fields of image and sound. You will find speeches by Jean-Luc Godard, David Cronenberg, Alain Tanner, Eric Rohmer, Jean Rouch, Francis Ford Coppola, Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Thomas Vinterberg, Bruno Dumont, Agnes Varda, and others!

Videos are available here !

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