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Bahman Ghobadi’s letter to Oscars Academy of Motion pictures and awards

 Bahman Ghobadi, filmmaker and a member of the Academy Awards
(Oscars), called Janet Yang, the president of Academy, and at the same
time sent a letter to 4,000 members of the Academy of Cinema Arts and
 In this letter, Ghobadi invited the members of Oscar Academy to
defend the violated civil rights of the Iranian people, especially the
murder of 22-year-old Mehsa (Zhina) Amini.

 The complete letter to the Oscar Academy as below:

To the Academy of Motion Pictures,
As one of the members of your prestigious Academy, it would be great
if you passed this message along to all of the other Academy members:
My name is Bahman Ghobadi, one of your fellow members. You have
certainly heard about what has been happening in Iran. The Iranian
regime recently killed a young woman named Mahsa Amini for not wearing
her headscarf “properly.” The Iranian people have gone to the streets
to protest against the regime. We, my people and I, need your support
to spread this news and to stand by the Iranian people and their
rightful protests. We need your support more than ever.  Please help
us spread the word.
Warmest regards,

Bahman Ghobadi

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