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Clermont Ferrand international short film festival : back in theaters !

The festival of Clermont Ferrand opened this Friday, February 28th and unveiled its program.

This year, Spain is the country of honor at the Clermont-Ferrand short film festival; a retrospective on 20 years of Spanish short films is programmed. Also, a thematic retrospective (around dance) will entertain the audience. Regarding the main selection: the 44th International Competition, the 34th National Competition, and the 21st Lab Competition, make up the festival program.

To discover the films selected for the international competition, click here.

To discover the films selected in the national competition, click here.

To discover the films selected in the lab competition, click here.

The international short film festival is actively preparing to welcome its spectators in Clermont-Ferrand, from January 28th to February 5th.
If the move online in 2021 has confirmed the loyalty of the public and professionals to the event with nearly 16,000 accounts created on our ephemeral platform, the Clermont-Ferrand team is no less eager to reconnect with the vitality and jubilation of an edition in the flesh, in the screening rooms as well as in the bays of the Film Market. And in the city!

The opening ceremony started with a dance performance to the tune of David Bowie: Let’s dance !

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